About Glen Bernard Summer Camp
"Kids in Camp"

Kids in Camp
Kids In Camp is a registered charity which subsidizes camp experiences for children and youth. This charity is dedicated to assisting families, who otherwise would not be able, to send their kids to camp. KIC works with accredited camps of the Ontario Camps Association, who apply for funding to assist children in the upcoming summer.

Kids In Camp makes the wonder of a camp experience available to kids of all backgrounds. It's an opportunity for them to gain positive life-long memories. It's a chance to learn about nature, themselves and others. It's all about creating wonder, hope and building confidence.

Jocelyn Palm is proud to be one of the founding members of Kids In Camp and currently sits on the Board of Directors. Glen Bernard is happy to support KIC in various administrative and fundraising endeavours to make the gift of camp possible for all children who wish to attend.

If you would like to find out more information about Kids In Camp, or make a donation, please click here to visit the KIC website.