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Campers FAQs

What do we do at camp, can I choose my own activities?

Camp is a wonderful adventure! There are new skills to learn, new activities to try and new friends to meet. At camp, you can perform in a play, go on a canoe trip, scale the climbing wall, create a super craft, kayak, canoe, swim, score a bullseye in archery and more... There are at least a billion ways to have fun at camp, everyone has a favourite aspect — what will you enjoy most? Each day includes some scheduled activities (so you get the chance to try everything!) and some choice activities. You don't need to select any activities prior to coming to camp, it's all done at camp! At GBC, you can earn levels in many different activities, like canoeing, kayaking, trampoline and swimming. The evening program changes every day. Sometimes, it's a special all-camp game, play or program. Or, it could be an activity with your section or cabin. Every day at GBC is action-packed!

What are the meals like at GBC?

We serve wholesome and camper-friendly meals! Campers sit with their cabin group at breakfast and have the option to choose their seat at lunch and supper. We eat "family style", so there are different parts to each meal and you can choose how much you want of each item. We are able to accommodate most food allergies and dietary restrictions. You can also visit the Tuck Shop with your section twice a week. The Tuck Shop sells candy (three items per visit) plus GBC clothing and other useful things like batteries, toothpaste, stamps, bug repellent and flashlights.

Can I be in the same cabin as my friend?

Of course! Please make sure that the request is mutual (you both request each other on your Camper Information Forms) and that you are both going into the same grade in September and attending the same length of session. Cabin groups are announced when you arrive at camp.

What if I miss home?

Many campers feel nervous about going to camp for the first time. New experiences are often challenging and exciting all at once. Camp is about making friends and having fun. It's also about learning new skills, like sailing and canoeing and how to get along with others in a new setting. It takes a few days to get used to all this new stuff, so be patient. Give yourself time to adjust to camp and being away from home. Your counsellor is there to help you if you miss your parents or your pet, or if you need help in any way. Before you know it, you'll be having so much fun, you won't want to leave!

What is the tuck shop?

The tuck shop is the little camp store! Each camper may visit the tuck shop twice per week. The tuck shop sells candy, GBC clothing, and a variety of commonly needed items for camp, such as flashlights, batteries, stamps, envelopes and toothbrushes. There is a limit of 3 candy items per camper per visit, and your parent(s) may choose to put a dollar limit on your tuck account.

Parent FAQs

My daughter is nervous about camp, how can I help prepare her?

It is normal for your camper to feel nervous about being away from home. Discuss this with your camper before camp, and practice with sleepovers at friends' houses. Offer gentle reminders about the importance of co-operation with others and helping out the group. During pre-camp training, our staff review strategies to help campers who miss home, so let her know there will always be a staff member to help her if needed. Be supportive of her experience and developing independence, and talk about the excitement of new experiences and making new friends! Your confident attitude about camp will be contagious. GBC's program encourages campers to get involved and keep active, and campers usually feel at home after a few days. It's best not to tell her that if she doesn't like camp she can come home or talk to you on the phone, be encouraging of her success!

How do I communicate with my camper?

Before she leaves, plan how you will stay in touch,. GBC parents can send letters to campers by mail or through the online system. Campers can send postal mail to parents. Pack pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes to make letter writing easier. Letters by mail are the most personal and valuable communication with your camper. Packages can be fun, please don't include food or candy, think about sending a game or activity that she can share with her cabin mates!

Will my camper "eat right" at camp

GBC meals are wholesome and child-friendly. Our menu has been reviewed by a dietician and meets the standards set by Canada's Food Guide. We have a vegetarian option at meals where meat is served. GBC is "nut safe" and has a system for protecting those with food allergies. Campers are active and busy throughout the day and therefore are often hungry at meals and eat lots! We find campers are often willing to try things that they don't eat at home!

What if my camper gets sick or injured?

We have many safety aspects in place to prevent injury, but accidents can happen! GBC staff is all trained in first aid and we have a resident physician on site who is available for emergencies. The camp is part of the 911 system and the fire station and ambulance bay are both located within 10 km. The closest major hospital is located about 40 minutes away, in Huntsville and North Bay. Most campers who feel ill just need a little TLC from a staff member and a bit of down time, and then they are back on their feet! If more is required, our resident physician is available to see campers daily, and prescribe medication as needed. The physician will call you if she has any concerns or needs to inform you about any health issues.

Are there payment options?

We know camp is an expensive commitment and we're happy to offer payment options! A small deposit is required up front and then you can choose to pay the balance on April 1st, or in monthly instalments. The sooner you register the lower your monthly instalments will be! We're certain that camp is a valuable investment in your daughter!