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Health and Safety

The health and safety of each camper and staff member at GBC is a top priority.

Glen Bernard has a resident physician who sees campers and staff daily about any health concerns and is available on site for emergencies. The camp is part of the 911 system and the fire station and ambulance bay are both located within 10 km. The closest major hospital is located about 40 minutes away, in Huntsville and North Bay. Each staff member is trained in first aid and lifeguarding procedures, having minimum certifications of Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid, and many have additional qualifications. Staff training prior to camper arrival covers all aspects of health and safety and emergency procedures are reviewed each session with all campers and staff.

GBC also meets the stringent requirements set by the Provincial and Federal Ministries of Health, Environment and Transportation. Our water is completely safe and tested twice daily. Should you wish to review our Drinking Water Systems Report for the current year, please contact the camp office. The Ministry of Health conducts a site visit every year.

Meals are carefully planned and menus reviewed by a Registered Dietician. GBC is able to accommodate individual camper dietary restrictions and allergies. Please call our office to discuss any concerns or your camper’s individual needs.