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Preparing for Camp

Campers are about to embark on an exciting adventure! Whether you are a first time camper, or a returning camper, there will be new experiences, new skills to learn and new friends to make. It will be a terrific opportunity to belong to a group and share adventures together. Camp is a great place to learn about the natural world and the impact we have on it. At GBC, we try to "Live Lightly", meaning we use the earth wisely and camp is also lots of fun! Here are some resources to help parents and campers prepare for a successful camp experience!

  • Click here for tips on preparing a new camper for GBC
  • Click here for tips on helping to prepare a camper who might miss home
  • Click here for packing tips and packing list
  • Want to know if you’ve done everything needed to prepare for camp?
    Click here for our quick Preparation Checklist!