Camp Facilities


Campers sleep in cabins that provide protection from insects and inclement weather. Each cabin accommodates 8 to 10 people. With the exception of our Bunny Campers whose counsellors sleep in their cabins, Counsellor cabins are separate but close by, and staff are available throughout the night. Shower and toilet facilities are centrally located in each section. Appreciation of the wilderness experience is enhanced by camper cabins that do not have electricity. We are happy to consider a cabin mate request. Please ensure the request is mutual and indicate her name on the Camper Information Form to be completed in the spring.

main lodge GBC has many spacious buildings to permit indoor activities. Camp activities will always continue on a rainy day!

The Main Lodge was built in 1936. With a large stage and space for 360 people, it is used for all camp programs such as the talent show and theatre productions.

Dining Hall Everyone assembles at the Dining Hall for meals that are carefully planned to meet Ministry of Health standards and camper approval!

Windward Lodge Several lodges are located throughout camp to accommodate different age groups and activities. A three-storey building with an outdoor observation deck and the Living Lightly Lab with rooftop gardens are among the unique features of GBC's facilities