Environment Education - Camp Facilities
Living Lightly Lab

In 2009, Glen Bernard built the Living Lightly Lab, an environmental education centre designed to teach young people about renewable energy, environmental sustainability and stewardship. The facility provides campers and students with the unique opportunity to learn about and interact with many energy saving and renewable energy technologies.

Living Light Lab

Some of the special features of the building include:

  • Two types of rooftop garden, including a vegetable garden
  • Three large solar panels that provide power for the building
  • Ciralights: advanced daylighting technology
  • Working model hydrogen cars
  • Working model solar cars
  • Renewable resource construction
  • An advanced weather monitoring system

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, campers and students learn about the unique features of our Living Lightly Lab, and how these items relevant in their own lives. There are opportunities to plant, tend and consume vegetables from the rooftop garden. As well, campers learn how to measure and compare the energy consumption of the everyday appliances they use, such as a clock radio, DVD player, hair dryer, and lamp. Campers are constantly learning about their own impact on the natural environment, and how they can become leaders in protecting it.

Our sustainable classroom is the perfect setting for visiting school groups in the spring or fall months to gain a valuable education on environmental topics. Given our unique facilities, we are able to enhance the grade 5-12 school curriculum, giving students an experience that they would otherwise not be exposed to in a classroom setting.