Environment Education - Camp Facilities
Sustainable Features

At Glen Bernard we take our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint and living lightly on the earth very seriously. We have tailored our facilities and routines to not only meet our own low waste and energy consumption goals, but to teach campers and staff how to do the same in their lives outside of GBC. Leading by example, we have reduced the need for hydrogen, propane, gasoline and oil wherever possible throughout our facilities. The addition of many solar panels throughout the property has enabled us to run numerous buildings - including cabins, washrooms, common areas, and the dining hall - either entirely, or partially, by solar energy.

Sustainable Features

Other energy efficient highlights include:

  • Solar Hot Water heaters: supply water for washrooms and shower houses
  • Energy efficient LED lighting systems throughout the property
  • Solar powered boat: demonstrates a recreational use of solar energy
  • Composting toilets use 1L of water per day, compared to the 20L per flush of a regular toilet!
  • Living Lightly Lab demonstrates the value of an insulating rooftop garden
  • Sophisticated weather monitoring system gives campers valuable data for observation
  • Countless solar panels provide clean energy as an alternative to fossil fuel generated power
  • Ciralights in the Living Lightly Lab provide a well lit space using solar energy