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Glen Bernard for Syria: A Canadian Summer Camp Experience

What a summer it has been! Amongst many highlights, a special one for us has been GBC for Syria: A Canadian Summer Camp Experience. With months of preparation, all of a sudden the first day of camp for our Syrian newcomers was upon us! What really stood out to us was the campers and staff’s ease in which they welcomed the Syrian girls and helped them quickly assimilate into our camp community. Their openness, compassion, kindness and extension of genuine friendship quickly became the heart and soul of the program. We feel very proud of each and every one of them.

Glen Bernard for Syria

The skills learned in one short week ranged from trotting on a horse, dumping a canoe for the first time, skippering a laser, swimming in a lake, climbing in the high ropes course, making a cabin bracelet, being away from family overnight and much more. The tears from the Syrian girls as well as their cabin mates and staff as each of their weeks came to a close was a testament to the connection they felt to Glen Bernard and all of those they interacted with.

GBC Alumni Shine the Light Campaign

Two GBC alumni, Janice Wright and Alison Hill, have initiated a fundraising campaign to enable these campers to return to GBC next summer. They have called the fundraising campaign "Shine the Light" in honour of the obvious metaphor, but also in honour of the glorious flashlight that led them through their darkened nights at camp.

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We realize that for financial reasons, many Canadian children do not have an opportunity to go to camp and there are wonderful charities that assist these children. GBC has a longstanding history of providing financial support continuously to all types of campers. We are mindful of this and so if you prefer to donate to one of these registered charities, for which you will receive a tax receipt, please do so (i.e. Kids in Camp). However, for the purposes of this request, we have chosen to focus on providing financial support for the Syrian newcomer girls. The focus on Syrian campers assists these newcomers to adjust to their newly adopted homeland.

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