Programs & Activities
Little GBcers

GBC offers one and two week sessions for young campers ages 6-11, and a two-night intro camp for little GBCers ages 4-6. These sessions are designed to introduce the camp experience to first-time campers or provide a shorter stay for returning campers up to age 11. Campers will be grouped in cabins based on their age and length of stay.


Two-week sessions for campers ages 8-11
Glen Bernard offers two 2-week sessions for campers ages 8-11. These sessions are for campers who are new to GBC or young returning campers who wish a two-week option. Campers must be entering grade 3, 4, 5 or 6 in September 2018. New and returning campers ages 8-11 also have the option of the two-week session in August or either of the three-week sessions.  

One-Week Sessions for campers ages 6-8
Three 1-week sessions are offered for campers ages 6-8, entering grades 1, 2 or 3 in September 2018. These one-week sessions provide an introduction to the camp program and activities. Campers will stay in cabins and participate in a wide variety of activities including some of the all camp programs.

Bunny Camp Sessions for campers ages 4-6
Two bunny sessions, each 2 nights, are offered for campers entering JK, SK or grade 1 in September 2018.  These sessions are an introduction to the camp experience for little GBCers. Campers will stay in cabins with staff member supervision at all times during the day and night.