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Learn to "Live Lightly"

At GBC, our motto to 'Live Lightly' applies both to the atmosphere of fun and the commitment we share to care for the earth, learning to leave a small ecological footprint on the environment around us.

Live Lightly

At Glen Bernard, campers become closely connected to the natural environment all around them, and learn not only of its beauty but also of our interconnected relationship. In this setting, campers learn to consider their own relationship with nature in the interactions they have at GBC every day. From hiking or mountain biking through our 730 acres of land, to kayaking or sailing on pristine Lake Bernard, campers are constantly learning of the immense value and frailty of the natural world around them.

As a Living Lightly leader, Glen Bernard places emphasis on environmentally friendly programs, facilities and practices. Some of our unique facilities include:

  • The Living Lightly Lab: a sustainable classroom used to teach campers about environmental stewardship
  • Kosmos: a three-story, solar powered building where campers develop skills in Earth Education
  • Composting toilets, solar water heaters, and solar powered exterior LED lighting systems
  • "The Loon": the first commercial solar-powered boat in Canada

At Glen Bernard the campers also have the unique opportunity to experience our very own GBC Earth Day. Filled with activities and information about our everyday impact on the environment, campers learn how to do everything from testing local water quality, measuring energy consumption of our most commonly used appliances, to gaining knowledge about the importance (and tastiness) of eating locally grown foods.

We are not only a leader in environmental education, but we ensure that our green facilities are used to teach campers, students and staff of the valuable role each of us plays in guarding the natural environment all around us.